Youth Sports Schedules

You rush to get your children to their football game only to find out that it’s been canceled. Why weren’t you notified in advance? Colony builders 

When sports and recreation directors make last-minute schedule changes, such as canceling a game due to inclement weather or having to change practice times, they may have to inform several people at the same time. But with limited time to spread the word to players, parents, coaches and officials, some people may miss out. Infinity

Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case. From elementary school to college, many schools and sports and recreation organizations are adopting an innovative new communication system called the Immediate Response Information System, or IRIS. Jack88god

Developed by TechRadium Inc., IRIS is a high-speed notification and response service that electronically sends routine, priority and emergency messages to unlimited contacts within seconds.

A designated person sends uniform messages with just a click of a mouse or by calling an IRIS adviser. The system then transmits voice and text alerts to all recipient groups through various forms of electronic devices, including home and cell phones; pagers; fax machines; PDA devices; and e-mail accounts.

Besides sending messages about unforeseen events, the system also sends information such as statistics and rankings, picture day reminders and playoff schedules.

IRIS requires no hardware, software or system installation, making it an affordable communication system. Also, IRIS messages can be delivered in up to 10 languages as specified by each recipient.


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