The Vivo smartphone in the market today is powered by the new Via technology with the company’s own OYO technology. The device also features industry-leading QWERTY keyboard and the Android OS 3.2 operating system. The smartphone in the market today also features a built-in GPS chip as well as a micro SD card. The OYO technology is similar to that of the capacitive touchscreen technology found in the iPhone and the capacitive ones are used in many mobile phones such as the capacitive touch screen found in capacitive Android phones.

At present, the phone comes with two vivo y12 memory options for the consumers to choose from: VIA and Hynix. The Hynix memory card is one of the most popular memory cards today especially in the high-end smartphones. The Hynix memory card has been rated with over 300 MB/s transfer rate and it can store videos, photos and audio files for up to two hours. On the other hand, the VIA is a little slower with transfer rate of around 250 MB/s.

When it comes to cameras, the VIA comes with an eight-megapixel camera with laser auto-focus and image stabilization. Meanwhile, the vivo y12 also comes with a six-megapixel camera which is really good when it comes to capturing clear pictures with clear and crisp images. Meanwhile, the phone has got a single lens camera which is really good when you want to take pictures of close-ups or outdoor scenes. With this single lens camera, you will not have any problem taking clear pictures of your family and friends who are really close to you. The camera on the handset comes with a high-definition recording feature for your videos and images.

To top it all, the vivo y12 features a huge battery life with up to a fifteen-hour life-span. This gives you more time to enjoy and spend some quality time with your loved ones. In addition, the power-saving technologies incorporated in the handset allows you to make sure that your device remains under charge for the entire day. This will definitely give you enough time to do your other chores and tasks even during weekends and holidays.

Last but not the least, the vivo smartphone offers a built-in GPS system which can be referred to as the main navigation tool as it helps you to find your way anywhere. This is thanks to its inbuilt amber signal detector which helps in locating the nearest restaurant, train station, bus stop etc. The built-in location intelligence system helps you to navigate through different places and find the right path to reach your destination. You can either use the GPS navigation tool to directly enter your destination address or specify your starting point and/or end point using the on-screen keyboard.

The built-in image capturing and video recording features of the vivo Y12 further extend its utility as a digital camera phone by ensuring a very good picture quality at all times. It comes with two cameras namely the main camera and the rear camera set up which allow you to capture crisp images and videos even in dimly lit surroundings. The Rear camera Setup also allows you to upload your photos and videos to your preferred social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube, etc. for further improvements. All in all, if you are looking for a phone with amazing features that are beyond your imagination then the vivo Y12 is the perfect smartphone.

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