How to write perfect answers?

One might know each and every concept and answers but writing skills and writing perfect and apt answers play a vital role in the examination.  No matter how thoroughly you prepare for the exam, if one person is not able to put all the knowledge in the appropriate way in the answer sheet then all the effort and hard work goes in vain. Truly, it is a well-observed fact that students often feel nervous and anxious while taking the exam. The pressure is so overpowering that they tend to forget what they had studied and ended up writing the wrong things. Listed below are some tips to write perfect answers.

Precise answering

One has to study in such a way that he must be able to write the answers precisely. The perfect keywords for the answers must be mentioned in the answers. Instead of writing huge paragraphs, to the point answers help in gaining attention and naturally yield a good score. Answers should be up to the mark, to the point, precise without unnecessary details and other background information.  For instance, in chemistry, if the question is about benzene then one has to give finite details about it rather than other compounds.

Follow the Marking Scheme

Prior to writing the answers, the student must check the marks assigned to the particular question. One cannot just write answers as per his will and wish. The answers must be shortened and lengthened as per the marks assigned. For example, One mark question might just need 1 word or one sentence, while a 6 marks question would need 8-10 lines. Students must be capable of writing an answer to any sort of question asked.

Non-verbal explanations

Only verbal explanations will not help in scoring higher marks. One must use proper equations, diagrams, tables, flow charts and reactions. If a question is asked about benzene diazonium chloride then one can give all the details about it with proper structure, equations, and reaction on how it is prepared. This helps in time-saving as well as the answer sheet looks attractive and makes it simpler for evaluation.

Stepwise marks allocation

The answers the student writes in an examination is allocated stepwise. For instance, a long answer type question has been structured in a manner where each step like definition, diagram, equation, graph and example. The marks will be equally divided for these parameters. Just writing a lengthy answer for pages together will not gain full marks. Well structured and designed answers help in scoring well. The presentation of these answers matters a lot to the examiner.

Students on practising and writing answer a various number of questions from different books and sample papers gain the knowledge of writing the well-defined answers. Solving more and more numbers of questions from their prescribed syllabus and academic curriculum helps them to score higher marks just by learning how to present the answer. Presentation of answers leaves the impression on the examiner and the main keywords for the answer aid in scoring good grades.